Tree Planting

November 2014 - Boy scouts and their families planting trees for Brandon Gordon's Eagle Scout project for Delaware County Boy Scout Troop 32.

Clyde Hunt, US Forestry Service (retired) leads DCVA's tree planting efforts in the watershed, focusing on the lower watershed. Clyde has recruited volunteers to plant hundreds of trees in municipal centers to beautiful streets, clean our air, and take up excess stormwater. He has also lead volunteers in planting trees along creeks in the watershed to increase the vegetation along stream banks. Bank vegetation, consisting of trees, grasses and shrubs is called the riparian buffer.

The riparian buffer absorbs excess stormwater and pollutants (nitrogen, phosphorus). It also catches waterborne sediment on its way to the creek and thus cuts down on turbidity/suspended and dissolved solids. There are many ways that this is helpful to creek health. Suspended and dissolved solids can smother fish and invertebrate eggs, invertebrates themselves, and bury invertebrate habitat (rocks and leaves). These materials can clog fish gills. Suspended material also raises water temperature and may block light for photosynthesis needed by aquatic plants. Thus, a wider riparian buffer means a healthier stream.

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