Environmental Watchdog Program 

Illegal dumping is a serious concern for the Darby Creek Watershed. Dumpsites can be found in every county within the watershed. In addition to contaminating our soil, surface and groundwater supplies, illegal dumps are unsightly and negatively impact property values.They are a public health hazard as they attract disease-spreading rodents and mosquitoes by giving them a place to live and breed. Socially, they send a message that no one cares about the community or property, and quality of life can be negatively impacted, and affect the economic development. 

According to Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, cleanups conducted by local municipalities are costly, averaging about $600 per ton, or roughly $3,000 per site, and divert tax dollars and staff resources that could be better spent on community infrastructure, parks, or social programs. DCVA has been doing costly clean ups since 1984, and has removed thousands of pounds of debris over the years.

One of the things DCVA has heard over the years is people don't know where to report it, or where to report what type of dumping or pollution. 

What You Can Do:

Contact - Delaware County District Attorney’s Office, Environmental Crimes Unit -

Melissa Muroff, Chief, (215)917-4419 muroffm@co.delaware.pa.us

Call 911- Dumping is a crime, it is illegal. If you see someone dumping call 911.                 

If it is safe, try to take a picture of the license plate, vehicle and/or the person. 

Municipalities- You can also contact your municipality to let them know about current dump sites.

In the water or with in 50 feet of a water- Contact the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission at 717-626-0228. They also have a Fish Kill hotline to report suspected pollution or poaching.

Department Environmental Protection- Fill out an Environmental Complaint Form.

Illegal Dump Free PA- Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, with support from the PA Department of Environmental Protection, has launched the Illegal Dump Free PA Program to help local government and local law enforcement officials curb illegal dumping by exposing those who commit this crime.

Delaware Country Conservation District- If you witness stream impairments, unstable soil conditions, riparian buffer encroachments, or sediment pollution to a stream or wetland you can report it by calling the Delaware County Conservation District at (610) 892-9484. 

Hazardous Waste 

Call 911- keep a safe distance, take a picture

Emergencies- use the 24 hour DEP hotline at 484-250-5900.

Department Environmental Protection Environmental Complaint Form 

Who to Call When - complied by Delaware/Chester County Penn State Master Watershed Stewards

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