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The Stream Smart Stormwater House Calls program creates avenues for improved stormwater management on private property in this densely urbanized watershed where large restoration projects are limited. Our free program will help educate you on stormwater pollution and provide an opportunity to have a stormwater assessment of your property.

The assessment will identify changes you can take to reduce stormwater runoff leaving your property. Property owners will be provided with a free detailed report regarding the current stormwater situation on the property, and the various best practices you implement take to improve stormwater management.

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The audits are provided by representatives from one or more than one of the following organizations depending upon where you live:

Darby Creek Valley Association

DCVA is a nonprofit watershed organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the Darby Creek Watershed and its resources, including water, wildlife, historical sites, floodplains, wetlands, and riparian zones. DCVA works to prevent all forms of pollution in the Darby Creek and its tributaries by identifying sources of stormwater pollution, illegal dumping and construction within floodplain and riparian buffer zones, and working with local and regional authorities for corrective action. We help to improve the stream through clean-ups and public   education programs. Our team consists of environmental scientists, policy-makers, professional educators, ecologists, and many more              individuals with years of experience in various fields.

Eastern Delaware County Stormwater Collaborative

A collaborative of 8 municipalities working together to improve stormwater management within their communities. Programming focusses on meeting or exceeding the requirements of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Program through education and outreach and promoting good housekeeping for all properties within the service area.

Lower Merion Conservancy

The Lower Merion Conservancy protects and enhances the character and quality of life of the community by protecting open space, conserving the local watershed, and preserving historic resources. The Conservancy advocates for policies, programs, and projects that support its vision for the community and builds an informed constituency that can actively support this vision.

Pennsylvania Resources Council

PRC, founded in 1939, is Pennsylvania’s oldest grassroots environmental organization. PRC’s mission is to lead and promote individual and collective actions to preserve Pennsylvania’s environmental resources for each generation. Through our education and outreach programs, we teach the public that through relatively simple lifestyle choices, they can reduce their environmental footprint, conserve our natural resources, and live healthier lives.

Darby Creek Valley Association P.O. Box 732 Drexel Hill, PA 19026   |   Phone: 484.222.2502
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