Monitoring of Landfill Cleanups

Since 2003, DCVA has received a Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. Under this grant, we hire and manage a consultant to review and comment on the assessment and studies conducted by the EPA for the Clearview and Folcroft Landfills located in the Eastwick community in Philadelphia and Folcroft in Delaware County, respectively.

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More information about our work over the years can be found at the EPA’s website

December 17, 2021 - EPA Administrator Regan hosted an event at the Clearview Landfill to announce a once-in-a-generation investment in the Superfund Program: 49 backlogged Superfund sites that were awaiting funding will now be able to start cleanups. This funding will also help accelerate cleanup efforts at a number of Sites with work already in progress, which includes the ongoing construction at the Clearview Landfill. Construction work is currently paused and scheduled to resume in late February 2022. Click here to read an article about the funding and click here view the event recording. 

September 30, 2020 - Clearview Landfill Community Update presentation

August 2020 - Lower Darby Creek Area Superfund Site Fact Sheet

Eastwick Lower Darby Area Community Advisory Group (ELDA CAG)

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Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) Update

By Derron LaBrake 

As many know DCVA has received a number of grants over the past 10+ years to assist the Eastwick Community with unders
tanding what the EPA is doing at the Lower Darby Creek Area Superfund Site.  

EPA provided a copy of the 60% design for the Clearview Landfill Operable Unit to the Eastwick Lower Darby Creek Area – Community Advisory Group (ELDCA-CAG) for review and comment.  ELDCACAG provided a copy to DCVA and we passed it over to our contractor EnviroAce, Inc. for review and comment.

EnviorAce did their usual excellent work and identified a number of technical issues that warrant comment from the TAG.  DCVA’s TAG committee will be forwarding comments to ELDCACAG’s Leadership Team so that they can address those concerns with EPA, as EPA works toward a 90% design)  to be completed near the end of March 2017).  The skills DCVA can tap at EnviroAce are excellent; however, they cannot cover the depth of this complex project.  DCVA was instrumental though our involvement with the ELDCA-CAG in identifying and assisting the community in securing additional technical assistance through EPA’s Technical Assistance Services for Communities (TASC) for the areas that are outside of the expertise of EnviroAce. 

During the week of January 9th, 2017 the TASC contractor (SKEO) visited the site and brought their geotechnical expert, who has reviewed the 60% design and provided some excellent comments to the Leadership Team, which they will be passing on to EPA.  DCVA continues, as an organization, to help the Eastwick Community gain a more thorough understanding of what EPA is planning to do to address the cleanup of the Superfund Site that is quite literally in their back yard. 




Derron Lebrake and Earl Wilson at CAG Meeting
 Clearview Land Fill Area

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