Rain Garden Workshop

  • Saturday, March 18, 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Haverford Recreation and Environmental Center, 9000 Parkview Dr. Havertown, PA
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Rain Garden Workshop

Saturday March 18 – 9am-Noon

CREC, 9000 Parkview Drive, Haverford

Free, Advance Registration Required

DCVA's Rain Garden Free Workshop will teach you how to build and maintain a Rain Garden yourself and how to help build rain gardens in your community. Those who help build a rain garden will receive a few rain garden seedlings. 

Rain Gardens reduce flooding and storm water pollution, improving water quality in our streams and rivers for aquatic life and recreational users.

Start a Rain Garden program in your town via a Hav-a-Rain Garden apprenticeship! 

Build and maintain your own garden!

Register on website or by emailing havaraingarden@gmail.com. Made possible by a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) grant.

Help to Protect our Waterways!

What is a Rain Garden?

Beautiful landscaped areas built down, instead of up, intercepting runoff

from buildings, driveways and other impervious surfaces before it can

reach the storm sewers and streams. Small gardens are typically 6-12

inches deep and drain within a day or two after a rain. Plants are water and

drought tolerant and need little or no watering after they are established.

Bring on the Rain! This spring 2016 Garden near the headwater of Naylor’s Run is doing its job with room

to spare while Prescott Road is underwater during a July 18 deluge.

Business, School and Homeowner Partners Sought

Request a rain garden or collaborate with us on integrating rain gardens

into the STEM curriculum. This year we are emphasizing the Naylor’s

watershed area and will give priority to requests from this area.

Ask for a Rain Garden: Homeowners in Haverford and small businesses

in the Naylor’s microwatershed who want a rain garden can contact

havaraingarden@gmail.com (note if you are in the Naylor’s watershed

area). More information can be found at


Adopt a Rain Garden: Businesses can “Adopt a Rain Garden” - maintain

a public garden, build one on your property, become Hav-a- Rain Garden

sponsors or contribute. Email us to learn more about becoming a sponsor.

Landscapers, Landscape Designers, and Builders: The best way to

learn is by doing. Hav-a- Rain Garden invites landscapers, landscape

designers and builders to come out and join us to learn what its all about.

Interns: College students and High School seniors seeking internships can

help in a wide variety of ways, ranging from creating web-based design

libraries to outreach to assisting in managing the program.

Schools: Integrate practical application of environmental science, math,

geology and biology through teaching about, designing, building and

maintaining rain gardens right in your own backyard.

Take Your Opportunity to Help!

“Classic Runner” Driveway Absorbs 90% vs. Triple Wide Driveway with 90% of Runoff to Streams

Every day new landscaped areas are built “up” instead of “down”,

driveways and impervious patios are built or expanded and new homes and

driveways are built creating more runoff and contributing to stream pollution

and flooding. Take the opportunity and improve our watershed – instead of

degrade it.

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