Darby Creek Watershed

The Darby Creek Watershed, including Cobbs Creek which is a major tributary, encompasses all or part of 31 municipalities and contains 123 linear miles of streams.

The watershed drains through the federal John Heinz Wildlife Refuge and into the Delaware River, and part of the Delaware River Watershed.

Photographs By Susan Miller

What is a Watershed?

fig. 1

A watershed is a land area that channel rainfall and snowmelt to creeks, streams, and rivers in a process  known as the Hydrologic Cycle . ( fig 1) 

Where is the Darby Creek Watershed?

Darby Creek is located within southeastern Pennsylvania and flows into the Delaware River, south of the Schuykill River and the City of Philadelphia ( fig 2). The watershed straddles the Fall Line, the imaginary physiographic line separating the Coastal Plain,  vividly exemplified by the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum , from the  rolling hills of  Piedmont

What/Where is the the Darby Creek Valley Watershed?

The Darby Creek Watershed includes more than 77 square miles and includes portions of Chester Delaware, Montgomery,and Philadelphia Counties, with all or parts of 31 municipalities. Most of the Watershed is located within Delaware County.

What makes up the Darby Creek Watershed?

Major tributaries of the Darby Creek include Cobbs Creek, Naylors Run, Indian Creek, Langford Run, Little Darby Creek, Julip Run, Ithan Creek, Meadowbrook Run, Wigwam Run, Foxes Run, Muckinipattis Creek, Hermesprota Run, Stoney Creek and Whetestone Run, all which combine to flow into the tidal Darby Creek at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at the Darby's juncture with the Delaware River, south of Little Tinicum Island. 

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